Snorre Bjerck


Those who are interested in world music may have experienced this fantastic percussionist on stage - either in the group Transjoik - or in one of his own projects. He has developed a distinctive style where his treatment of percussion instruments from around the world, distinctive vocal use and electronics merge into a wonderful mix.

The CD My Place is his debut as a solo artist.

Snorre Bjerck has traveled extensively in large parts of the world, and gathered impulses from both folk music and urban environments. On this CD you can hear his unique sound recordings from Europe, Asia and Africa. These are used as mood elements in a terrific production where groove, vocal elements and an intense nerve create world music you have never heard before. Snorre has invited the yoiker Ingor Ántte Áilu Gaup and the Swiss bassist Mich Gerber as guests. The CD is produced by himself with the help of Transjoik colleague Frode Fjellheim.

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