Dalvedh - a history rewriting project

Some leave great monuments and sagas about expeditions out in the big world. My great-grandmother left behind, among other things, this: A "milk pit" - a pit in the ground that was used to store reindeer milk. No one will notice it if you walk past it in nature. Historians and archaeologists have not noticed it either - or have they deliberately avoided it? Because the Sami culture did not fit into what one wanted the nation Norway to be?
Frode Fjellheim

This is what Dalvedh is all about. To give the Sami culture the place in history it should of course have. Norwegian history has been about the farmers, the city founders and the Europeans who brought the "civilized" culture to our latitudes. Those who built monuments and acquired goods and gold. It should be a matter of course that everyone, as equal citizens in our region - to know a little about who we are - and where we come from.

Dalvedh is an art project by Sissel M. Bergh - in collaboration with Frode Fjellheim, historians, archaeologists and informants from the Sami community.
Dalvedh is South Sami and means that something that has been missing or hidden comes to light.
Dalvedh will convey the story through artistic expression, through images, video, music, sound and a yoiking sculpture!

Read more about the different Dalvedh versions here: sisselmbergh.net


Photo and montage: Sissel M. Bergh 

The project is supported by:
Norsk Kulturråd
Sámediggi / Sametinget
Sør-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune
Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag

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