Inga Juuso is at the center of the band Bárut - a band that places the yoik in new soundscapes. They are inspired by both blues and world music, and give the Nordic "sound" a new dimension.

Bárut (Sami and means wave), is a trio consisting of the yoiker Inga Juuso, the percussionist Martin Smidt and the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Asbjørn Berson. Inga is one of our most fascinating practitioners in the yoik tradition. At the same time, she is extremely versatile! You may have seen her as an actress on TV or in the cinema in the film "The Kautokeino Uprising", or on stage with Steinar Raknes in the fantastic project "Skaidi". In Bárut, she fronts a new musical collaboration where the yoik is drawn into both the blues world and into world music from the other side of the world.

Bárut started as a production for Rikskonsertene (now Kulturtanken), but developed into a band that wanted to do something new and unique. Asbjørn combines his skills in blues-inspired guitar playing, didjeridu and creative sound creation with his computer and ends up with a completely unique sound atmosphere. Together with Martin Smidt, who is able to make suggestive grooves on an untraditional drum and percussion set-up, they give Inga a frame that suits both her and the yoik in a way you have not heard before.

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