Ulla Pirttijärvi


Ulla har a flying start to her musical career as a member of the Finnish group Angelit. From being a star around Europe and Japan, she dropped out and started her own solo career in the mid-90s.

Today, Ulla is often referred to as one of the greatest artists in Sápmi ("Sameland"). She has developed her own distinctive style where she mixes traditional musical elements into her own songs. In 1996 she met Frode Fjellheim, and the two have since worked together on her solo albums:

1998: Ruošša Eanan (Warner Music)
2002: Máttaráhku Askái (Warner / Finlandia)
2008: Áibbašeabmi (Vuelie)

In addition, Ulla has released a book / CD with children's songs:
Honkon Dohkká (DAT 1996)

Ulla is available for performances at festivals / concerts. Contact us for more info.

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