This is Frode Fjellheim's first CD release from 1991. The release is still in demand, and is often used as illustrative music in TV productions that describe Nordic or Arctic nature.

The music is based on old South Sami yoiks as they were noted by Kart Tiren in his book "Die Lappische Volksmusik 1943".
The music is not a reconstruction of what Tiren heard, but a modern instrumental production with a focus on some of the elements of the old yoiks.

This gives you music that is both lyrical, intense and beautiful.



Musicians on "Sangen vi glemte (The songs we forgot)":
• Frode Fjellheim (synth)
• Andreas Aase (gitar)
• John Pål Inderberg (sax)
• Ola Dimmen (harp/fuiarra)
• Carl Haakon Waadeland (percussion)
• Odd Magne Gridseth (bass)
• Sigyn Birkeland (bassoon)
• Tore Aaen Aune (recorder and flute)
• Steffen Blindheim (English horn)

CD released by: "IDUT", Iggaldas, 9710 Indre Billefjord, Norway.

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