The first CD under the name Transjoik.

Produced by Manne vonAhn Öberg and Frode Fjellheim, released by Warner Music Sweden.


Transjoik 1997


Frode Fjellheim (kb/voc)
Nils-Olav Johansen (gt./voc)
Tor Haugerud (dr./perc.)
Håvard Lund (bass clarinet/soprano sax)
Torbjørn Hillersøy (bass)
Snorre Bjerck (dr./perc.)
What the press has said about Mahkalahke:

This is truly one of the most unique CDs produced in the last couple of years, and believe it or not, it was released by a Scandinavian imprint of Warner Brothers. Imagine combining shaman tribal drumming techniques with polyphonic Tibetan Buddhist chants and then tossing some earthy ambient sounds into the mix. That's Transjoik's "Mahkalahke." (This weeks pick feb. 1999)

"Mahkalahke" is a very fascinating and suggestive sound construction, independent and artistically consistent, completely free from fuzziness. A music that shows itself from completely new sides every time you listen to it. The record should be sold at your local supermarket. That would be really innovative.
Reidar Sjöden "Lira " 4/97

Sami music has now really got more international musicians than Mari Boine. Stein Østbø VG 16/10 97

"Mahkalahke" goes a step further than what you are used to in ethno music, but does so with such a consequence that you can only embrace this yoikers' dark garage rock.
Eva Clementi Dagens Nyheter 1/11 97

some of the most fascinating I have heard of Norwegian music this year.
Trygve Lundemo Adresseavisen 1/10 97

Third CD from Frode and definitely his best. Even more adventurous than his previous CD, this new one is a great leap forward in new joik fusions, featuring accompaniment: sax, keyboards, guitar, clarinets, percussion and several guest joikers. Appearing on the excellent Atrium label of Sweden. Highly recommended! (Digelius Nordic Gallery)

Mahkalahke CD cover gallery

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