Frode Fjellheim has made the music for this performance at Åarjelhsaemien Teatere with a premiere on 25 September 2020.

The green shift and development of wind turbines in Norway are current topics that affect large parts of the country and the world. Giedtine somehow means a reindeer fence in Southern Sami, and is an important and different comment in the debate, for or against wind power, for or against the green shift. The Sami reindeer fence is the mirror image of the Chinese chalk ring, which was used as the focal point of justice in the Chinese playwright Li Qianfu's universal drama about the child that two women claim.


Script: Peter Oskarsson, Cecilia Persson

Norwegian translation: Stein Elvestad

Sami translation: Sig-Britt Persson

Direction: Peter Oskarsson

Music: Frode Fjellheim

Set Designer: Peter Holm

Costumes: Peter Holm

Lights: Johan Haugen

Film: Dan Jåma and Se Nor

Make Up Artist: Tove Solbakk

Animation: Håkon Lundvall

Costume Tailors: Halvard Leirvik og Kari-Britt Nilsen

Actors: Frida Bjørnland, Ole-Henrik Lifjell, Sara Margrethe Oskal, Stein Elvestad, Cecilia Persson, Trond Peter Stamsø Munch, Sven Henriksen, Isabella Flått, Johan Haugen

Produced by: Åarjelhsaemien Teatere og Nordland Teater


Mosjøen: 25 september, 19:00 Mo i Rana: 27 september, 19:00 Mo i Rana: 28 september, 19:00 Mo i Rana: 29 september, 19:00 Hamarøy: 02 oktober, 19:00 Narvik: 03 oktober, 19:00 Stokmarknes: 05 oktober, 19:00 Svolvær: 06 oktober, 19:00 Sortland: 07 oktober, 19:00 Bø: 08 oktober, 19:00 Andøy: 09 oktober, 19:00 Hattfjelldal: 14 oktober, 18:00 Snåsa: 15 oktober, 18:30 Røros: 16 oktober, 19:00 Trondheim. AVLYST grunnet smittevern og tekniske utfordringer.: 18 oktober, 19:00 Trofors: 20 oktober, 19:00 Nesna: 21 oktober, 19:00 Saltdal: 23 oktober, 19:00 Bodø: 24 oktober, 19:00 Bodø: 25 oktober, 19:00

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