Øiseth/Fjellheim duo

The two are often busy with their own projects. But sometimes they perform together and create a magical atmosphere where the ingredients are old herbal traditions, modern instruments and sounds, and a wonderful dissemination of their own distinctive music.
Hildegunn plays goat horn, neverlur and trumpet, and the way she does it is completely unique. With a background in both classical music, jazz and world music, she has created her own expression that captivates the audience. It is beautiful, raw, heartfelt and takes you on a wonderful musical journey.
Frode has his own expression where he gives the term yoik an extended meaning. It's hefty, a lot of primordial power, beautiful and straight as there is a bit of humor. His musical expression has fascinated people all over the world - including the filmmakers at Disney who have used his music in both Frozen films.

Feel free to take a look at the videos on the page here, and get a small impression!

Together they have also made the school concert program "Joik, ur og dame på lur".

For booking and inquiries: " contact.

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