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"Yoik as a starting point" at Nord University is a course developed by Frode Fjellheim. This is perhaps the only university course in the world where students get to work with yoik as a starting point for creating new music.

The foundation for the course is a solid introduction to yoik as a musical expression - and a basic introduction to Sami culture. Students can create their own yoiks, use elements from traditional yoik in new contexts and you may learn how Europe's oldest living music tradition can give you new musical ideas for your own music.

Among previous students attending this course are artists, teachers, theater students, administrative employees in the cultural sector and of course music students who take this as part of their education as a musician or music teacher.

There is no special prior knowledge required - beyond higher education entrance qualifications - but having been involved in music in one form or another is advantageous.

About the study

The aims of the course are
- to consolidate the South Sami yoik and thus help to lay a foundation for preserving and developing this tradition
- to create arenas where training in yoik and music based on yoik can be expressed.

The course program is divided into three sub-courses:
- Introduction to Sami culture
- Music orientation and listening
- Stylization of elements from yoik in new contexts

Professor Frode Fjellheim is academically responsible for the study.

Schedule for 2020-21:

Thursday afternoon (12:00 - 18:00) and Friday 09:00 - 15:00.
1: September 30 - October 1
2: October 21 - 22
3: November 25 - 26
4: January 27 - 28
5: Final exam: March 10 - 11

Campus Røstad, Levanger, Norway More information and link to application here.


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