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Hildegunn Øiseth's fellow musicians on this record fascinated her with their playing playing already in the nineties when she toured with them in the Bohuslän big band. Then they meet again for some hot days in Valencia where they exchange songs and a brand new joy of playing. The nuanced album has been characterized by both Iberian and Nordic tone color. It grows out of the meditative tone from the previous album, Stillness, whirls up rawer rhythms along the way, at the same time as it draws up the exciting path further.


Here are songs that vibrate with well-deserved "cool" siesta in the summer heat. As the night progresses, there is a fresh breeze with liberating songs such as Chasing My Own Tail and Roxy. And there is room for tone chemistry that Hildegunn Øiseth is alone in creating. Nattjoik, Sacred and Sårt are exquisite songs that open up for organic spiritual empathy and are as created for Hildegunn Øiseth's exploratory and close trumpet tone that rarely sounds without her having put her whole soul into it.


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