The CD Mahkalahke marked the beginning of the band Transjoik, and has become almost an icon for the use of yoik as a starting point in new musical contexts. For many years, Mahkalahke has been inaccessible to most people. The CD was released as a separate release in both the US and Japan and received rave reviews from both the press and the public. Nevertheless, the changes in the record market meant that Warner in Sweden had to close down the distinctive label Atrium and not print new editions. In collaboration with Warner, we have provided the original master and the CD cover, and hereby Mahkalahke is now relaunched as a digital release.

It's a bit funny to think that when Mahkalahke was launched 14 years ago, many said that "this CD came many years ahead of its time!".

We hope time has caught up with the CD and that many people today can enjoy the music!

Go to Mahkalahke-CDpage for link to iTunes! And not least a copy of the original cover!!

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