New CD: Anne Vada: As I Walk

New CD: Anne Vada: As I Walk

"Ur-pop" (ancient pop) from Anne Vada and Frode Fjellheim
They call it pop music, where both the lyrics and the music have old roots, produced into a modern soundscape. This is Anne's eighth album. She has always sought out talented partners such as Ronni Le Tekrø, Rolf Løvland, Iver Kleive and now Frode Fjellheim. Together they want to create something completely new! Something that will touch, capture and fill the church room with primordial power, pain, joy and beautiful moods!

Ny CD: Sharaka Ensemble «Never Again»

New CD: Sharaka Ensemble «Never Again»

Sharaka Ensemble New CD; release April 24 2015
Sharaka Ensemble is a unique collaboration between Norwegian and Palestinian musicians! The music is inspired by both Norwegian and Arabic tradition, but developed further into something unique and powerful. It is full of contrasts, but still gives a hint of a number of similarities, and a nerve that connects the two cultures in a spellbinding way!

Ny CD: Frode Fjellheim: Biejjien vuelie – Solkvad

New CD: Frode Fjellheim: Biejjien vuelie – Solkvad

Now available on CD!

Adresseavisen: «A masterpiece»
After the premiere at Voss in 2011, Avisa Hordaland wrote;
«The mix of Latin, Norse and Sami texts in combination with Frode Fjellheim's genre and cross-border world music blended so well together. So natural that you mostly began to wonder why not all masses through all time were written in this way. "

New CD: Hildegunn Øiseth; Valencia

New CD: Hildegunn Øiseth; Valencia

New CD!

Hildegunn Øiseth's fellow musicians on this record fascinated her with their playing playing already in the nineties when she toured with them in the Bohuslän big band. Then they meet again for some hot days in Valencia where they exchange songs and a brand new joy of playing. The nuanced album has been characterized by both Iberian and Nordic tone color. It grows out of the meditative tone from the previous album, Stillness, whirls up rawer rhythms along the way, at the same time as it draws up the exciting path further.

Ny CD: Bárut / Inga Juuso – Bálggis

New CD: Bárut / Inga Juuso – Bálggis

Ny CD 8. april!

Inga Juuso is at the center of the band Bárut - a band that places the yoik in new soundscapes.

They are inspired by both blues and world music, and give the Nordic "sound" a new dimension.

Boundary-breaking debut from a trio that shows the musical explosiveness that lies in the Sami culture. (Aftenposten)
Goosebumps-Yoik (Altaposten)
This year's most innovative record (Adresseavisen)
This is an album I will listen to in the car (Northern Lights)

CD: Hildegunn Øiseth – Hildring

CD: Hildegunn Øiseth – Hildring

Hun var ansatt som trompetist i nordens eneste profesjonelle storband; «Bohuslän Big Band» fra 1990 – 1999. Ettersom trangen til å utvikle sine egne prosjekter ble større, forlot hun BBB og bosatte seg og jobbet som freelance musiker i Sør-Afrika fra 1999 – 2001. Oppholdet i Afrika resulterte blant annet i to CD utgivelser med bandet Uhambo. Etter å ha utforsket musikk fra store deler av verden – inkludert prosjekter i Pakistan og Palestina endte hun opp med å gi ut sin første solo CD med fokus på ur-instrumentet bukkehorn.

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